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781 Route 70 W, Marlton, NJ

Hey, Jersey! If you're on the hunt for the local joint that knows how to vibe, look no further than Enlighten. We're not just a dispensary; we're your neighbors, your crew, and your ultimate destination for the freshest greens and the chillest scene.

Elevate Your Senses in Style

Get ready for a taste of the local flavor. Our lineup includes the finest Jersey flower, pre-rolls that rep our style, edibles that scream hometown pride, concentrates that hit harder than the Turnpike, sleek vaporizers, and tinctures with that unmistakable Jersey swagger. This is cannabis with a side of local love.

Marlton's Crown Jewel

Got questions about the latest strains or need the 411 on consumption methods? Our Jersey-bred team’s got you covered. We’re not just here to sling goods; we’re here to be your local cannabis guides, sharing the knowledge and vibes that make Jersey unique. Quality is our signature, and it’s reflected in every product. Enlighten Marlton sources from the most exclusive growers and makers, ensuring that every item on our shelves is a testament to luxury and refinement. 

A Visual Symphony

Enlighten Marlton is not your typical joint; it’s a visual symphony where aesthetics meet authenticity. From the sleek, modern design to the carefully curated interior, every inch of our space has been meticulously crafted to elevate your cannabis experience